"Visionary companies aren't forged from spreadsheets."

Josh Linkner

Managing Partner

Hi, I'm Josh.

To navigate my early years living in a single-parent household in Detroit, I had to find a way. And as an awkward misfit, this meant making my own way—a way that was unorthodox, unexpected, and unusual.

I had to rely on ingenuity, creativity, and reading between the lines—attributes we all have as human beings and one I've come to admire in gritty startup founders who dare to break patterns to create new markets.

That creative approach helped launch my 'early careers'—starting an (illegal) fireworks business at 11, playing my first paid gig at a smoky jazz club at 13, and becoming the highest-ranking incoming jazz guitarist at the Berklee College of Music at 17.

Fast forward, I have since created over $200 million in exit value as a 5x tech entrepreneur and generated over $1B in returns as a venture capitalist while helping to launch over 100 startups, written four bestselling books, and published 500+ articles, delivered 1,500+ keynotes to leading organizations in 19 countries as an innovation speaker, and performed over 1,000 gigs and concerts as a professional jazz guitarist.

Outside of the external markers, I'm most proud of the impact I've been able to make as I continue to grow as a collaborator, husband, and father of four.

And I'm still a work in progress.

Muditā, a Sanskrit word, means delighting in other people’s success, good fortune, and well-being. When I started Mudita in 2021, I believed that it was possible to drive wild economic returns without being a raging jerk.

I am always inspired by founders who are audaciously curious and stubbornly committed to a picture most can’t see or are too afraid to dream of. My goal is to be their first call, regardless of how deep the muck or how ginormous the opportunity is.

Having built & exited five companies and mentored 100+ startups, I understand the nuances and sacrifices of building something that puts a dent in the future. I thrive in working for founders who are relentlessly working to put themselves out of business before someone else does.

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