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Sanskrit term: “Delighting in other people’s success,
good fortune, and well-being.”


Investing in early-stage tech companies, serving as an accelerant
to help create remarkable outcomes.





Some people love their cats.

For us, we just love building innovative tech companies. With years of in-the-trenches experience (and the battle scars to prove it), we’re an early-stage venture capital firm that partners with visionary entrepreneurs to accelerate growth, dodge risk, and achieve jaw-dropping results. We’re a non-traditional gang of proven entrepreneurs with a unique approach to seizing opportunity, driving innovation, and making this crazy world a little bit better.


We partner with innovative entrepreneurs to accelerate growth, mitigate risk, and deliver meaningful results.

We may not be the right fit for you. And that’s okay.

We’re values-driven, and look to partner with entrepreneurs, investors, and collaborators who share our ethos. So instead of waiting until our third date, these are our core beliefs; the philosophy we live by:

Play like you want to be remembered.

We pursue big things that move the world and leave a mark, or we don’t do them. Think and act like we’re making history, and we will.

Don’t wait.

Take initiative, leap into action. Don’t wait for direction, permission, or a final roadmap to move forward. We are all responsible to initiate the change we seek.

Compress time.

Cultivate speed, reduce cycles, learn and grow faster, deliver freakish response times, demonstrate fire department urgency.

Obey the No Asshole Rule.

Lift others up instead of cutting them down. Support instead of destroy. Double down on humility and leave the ego on the sidelines. Positivity and teamwork drive performance. Life’s just too short for grumpy jerks.

Be the DaVinci of our craft.

Hold ourselves and each other to the absolute highest standards, stretch for more, create and deliver our body of work with artistry.

Outhustle by a full decimal point.

We may fall short on talent or skill or resources, but we never get out-hustled. Our grit cannot be tamed.

Figure it out.

There’s always a way… find it. Unwilling to accept norms or limits, seek the unexpected, challenge assumptions, defy traditions.

Guzzle truth serum.

Confront the brutal facts, deliver honest feedback, tell it straight, and skip the BS.

Use every drop of toothpaste.

Eliminate waste, maximize our resources, drive leverage.

Commit to 5X’ing.

Deliver 5X the value we extract for our company, clients, partners, community, industry, and planet. Leave it 5X better than you found it.

Own the outcomes.

We get shit done. We are accountable for results. We don’t whine or make excuses. We are relentless execution monsters.

Put ourselves out of business.

Play up, constantly learning, adapt fast, elevate each other. Remain dissatisfied. An insatiable appetite for growth and change; a deep disdain for the status quo.

Spike the ball.

Put points on the board, finish strong, have fun, and savor the wins.

Don’t forget the dinner mint.

Surprise and delight, add something extra to what’s expected. Do these values resonate?
If so, let’s talk.

At its core, the tech business
is really a people business.


Josh Linkner

Founding Partner and former CEO of Detroit Venture Partners; 5-time tech entrepreneur; New York Times bestselling author; 2X EY Entrepreneur of the Year; Presidential Champion of Change Award recipient; professional jazz guitarist, lover of greasy pizza.

Ethan Linkner

Co-founder, LearnCore; Chairman, Screencastify; Lead investor, KPI Sense; product development for Fortune 500 brands including Disney, Wendy’s, and BP; Lover of all things that compound; has an unusually high winning percentage at small claims raffles.

Vishal Shah

Co-founder and former CEO, LearnCore; Board member, Screencastify; Lead investor, KPI Sense; Co-founder, Chicago Catapult; former investment banker at GrowthPoint Technology; former Corporate Finance at Intel; curiously, he can identify any car just by its headlights at night.

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”
– John Cage


We won’t make you fill out some dumb form.

Just shoot us an email at that includes the following:

  1. What’s the burning problem in the world you’re trying to solve?
  2. How are you tackling it in a novel way?
  3. Why are you the right person/team to make this happen?
  4. What’s most exciting to you about this? What scares you the most?
  5. Which of our values do you most relate to and why?

Of course, feel free to attach a one-sheeter, investor deck, financial model, prototype, animation, rap song, or limerick. We’re game for whatever format you feel best communicates your vision and passion. After all, we’re an early-stage venture capital firm, so we love to see creative ideas!

Curious if it’s a good fit? Let’s play a game… we’ll call it “good fit – bad fit.”


  • Seed or early-stage
  • Tech (mostly software)
  • Looking for active partners, not just cash
  • You’re driven by passion and impact
  • You’re solving a complex problem in a creative way
  • You align with our values and think we can help


  • Outside our focus on early-stage tech companies
  • You’re looking for passive investors
  • You’re just out for the almighty dollar
  • You think positive cultural values are for wimps
  • Your approach looks a lot like others
  • You clicked the wrong link, only to discover none of us are on the hit TV show ‘Shark Tank’. Doh!

social: @MuditaVP

30300 Telegraph Road, Suite 370
Bingham Farms, MI 48025