Voice & identity licensing for generative AI.

Mudita Studios

Official AI is in the business of making Generative AI fair, equitable, and profitable.


Official AI provides a technology platform enabling publicity rights licensing for generative AI content.

As talent, you get to have a say in how your likeness is portrayed and how it is used in generative AI. Talent, creators and distributors are all protected and empowered to deliver marvelous AI experiences. Talent, creators and distributors can all make money through transparent, properly licensed AI content.


Founded 2023
Partnered 2023


Dave Siegfried, CEO
John Pletka, CTO

Mudita Partner(s):

"...an incredible opportunity."

AI promises to disrupt the entertainment industry today similarly to how MP3 and Napster did in the 1990s. We see an incredible opportunity to help the medium flourish while also ensuring that the rights of talent, AI creators, distributors, and marketers are protected.

Stephen Konig
CEO, Mudita Studios

"...the ideal investor."

Mudita is the ideal investor to have alongside you for the entire endeavor—seasoned in their expertise, yet never overtaking the driver’s seat. Instead, they spotlight pivotal landmarks on the road ahead, trusting the founder to steer ably forward.

Dave Siegfried
CEO, Official AI