“The value is in what gets used, not what gets built.”

Stephen Konig

CEO, Mudita Studios

Hi, I'm Stephen.

At 10, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer or a computer scientist.

One day at a bookstore, I stumbled upon a career guide for being a lawyer; it said you had to be good at English to be a successful attorney. I hated English class then, so I decided it would be computers.

Fast forward a dozen years, and I worked as a startup software engineer. It was exhilarating, fun, and chaotic. But, it wasn’t fun iterating on product versions because we weren’t getting the details right or meeting our customers’ needs. That changed when I met on-site with our end users and understood their needs and why.

It was a game-changer, and after discovering that the ‘job’ was called product management, I knew that’s where I wanted to live professionally.

It led me to successful product management stints across several companies, ultimately landing at Google. In 12 years as a Google product leader, I led major efforts across Google Chrome, Chromebooks, AR/VR, and AI/ML. I’ve shipped products that generated $1B+ in revenue across global enterprise, consumer, government, and nonprofit markets, and my work helps millions be better at their jobs daily.

Today, I’ve gone from shipping features and products to shipping companies at Mudita Studios. The same skills still apply—uncover market needs and customer pain points, brainstorm ideas, explore solutions, and figure out how to bring them to life.

"...stubborn on vision, flexible on details."

Mudita Studios fosters both our in-house ideas and those of entrepreneurs and aspiring visionaries within the software space, providing the resources, guidance, capital, and support they need to come to life.

Do you have an idea for a B2B software or services business? Can you articulate a clear market need? Do you have an idea of what a compelling solution could look like? Do you need to turn that into an actual company with an informed roadmap, technical validation, a strong team, and funding?

Then you should talk to me!


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