“When the naysayers are loud, turn up the music.”
—Reid Hoffman

Ruchira Dasgupta


Hi, I'm Ruchira.

In my diverse global experiences with venture capital, early-stage start-ups, SaaS organizations, business intelligence (BI) software leaders, and high-touch luxury hospitality brands, I've led and learned with three superpowers:

  • 1 Thought-partnering with leaders to transform visionary ideas into cohesive strategies that inspire organizations, customers, and investors.
  • 2 Translating strategies into operational excellence with cross-functional collaboration and deep stakeholder and customer empathy.
  • 3 Decoding jargon into compelling customer-centric narratives to accelerate go-to-market (GTM) initiatives and revenues/investments.

The most satisfying moments in my career have revolved around creating innovative market-ready solutions, nurturing cultures of operational excellence, and elevating human experiences through story, technology, and community. I've served in these moments by leaning into my curiosity, humility, and passion for joyful excellence.

I love calling the quaint wine-growing foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains home. My life is a colorful (sometimes crazy) mosaic of middle and high school life experiences, endless drives to and from soccer and basketball games, and Netflix-ing superhero sagas with my boys.

"...ask better questions."

At Mudita, we’re about uncovering what’s real—the real pain-point, the real solution, the real numbers. In my experience, the founders and teams that win are the ones who iterate on listening and applying what they learned exponentially faster than everyone else.

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