“The best founders
imbue passion
their team.”

Gary Shuman


Hi, I'm Gary.

My entry into the world of digital startups came as a welcome surprise midway into a routine career at a giant, decades-old manufacturing organization.

The stark contrast between the opportunities afforded me at my new digital marketing startup–level of responsibility, flexibility in decision-making and business focus, inclusion in strategy discussions, and ability to drive the business forward–was exhilarating, and I became hooked on this new world.

At that time, as a 38-year-old armed with an MBA and 14 years of finance, strategy, and leadership experience, I was finally able to use all of my skill set to drive the organization forward.

As the business flourished, the revenue growth required hiring across all aspects of the company: Sales and Customer Service, Development and Project Management, HR, and Administration. My passion became developing these new team members, most of whom were half a generation younger, across many of the disciplines.

The continued financial success of the organization allowed for exciting career (and personal) growth for our team, which was highly gratifying.

"...stronger together."

The founders I want to work with are just as passionate about who they are building the company with as they are about the idea they are fostering.

We invest in the team in addition to the business idea. When I see a pitch from a founder who positions his team early in the conversation and spends time discussing the value each person adds, it gives me an increased level of respect and confidence in that leader because I know he realizes that he can’t do it alone.

We’re building great companies at Mudita, and we spend a significant amount of time helping our portfolio companies find key people with every expertise needed to accomplish this. If you are a leader who values relationships and collaboration, I’m interested in learning more about becoming your partner.

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