“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
—Maya Angelou

Alec Cherrin

Director of Emerging Ventures

Hi, I'm Alec.

Born in the vibrant heart of Metro Detroit, my upbringing was steeped in electronic dance music, innovation, and technology.

These early interests laid the groundwork for my desire to explore the world and make a positive impact. At Michigan State University, I pursued Philosophy as well as Entrepreneurship & Innovation, disciplines that honed my understanding of human thought and creative problem-solving. I am also a self-taught music producer with well over 10 years of experience creating and dancing to EDM.

As an avid traveler and lifelong learner, I love experiencing new things and contributing meaningfully to the success and growth of others.

When COVID-19 struck, I headed to Kansas, where I played a pivotal role in deploying thousands of healthcare professionals across the country for one of the largest healthcare staffing firms in the US. Post-pandemic, I joined a pre-launch startup as a full-time partner and significantly contributed to its growth. We grew from a pre-revenue phase to earning over $1M and positively impacting over 40,000 customers globally in less than 18 months.

My journey so far has been a blend of learning, growth, and impact. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue helping new, positively impactful businesses succeed in dynamic markets while learning alongside resilient and visionary founders.

"...ask better questions."

At Mudita, we’re about uncovering what’s real—the real pain point, the real solution, the real numbers. In my experience, the founders and teams that win are the ones who iterate on listening and applying what they learned exponentially faster than everyone else.

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