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At Stellis AI, our mission is to transform uncertainty about AI into powerful, actionable tools that drive growth for businesses and their communities.


We help visionary leaders build human-first, AI-enabled organizations primed for remarkable growth and innovation. From leader advisory to custom AI solutions, we partner with you to succeed in the AI era.


Founded 2024
Partnered 2024


Trent Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer

Mudita Partner(s)

"...a knowledgeable colaborator for AI."

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent and its capabilities expand seemingly overnight, business leaders are looking for a partner to help them understand what these platforms could do for their company. Mudita Studios spun up in conjunction with Trent Gillespie, a seasoned Amazon technologist and key note speaker, to provide that knowledgeable collaborator for AI.

Josh Tolman
Managing Partner, Mudita Venture Partners

"More than just capital...a partner in innovation."

At Stellis AI, we help companies leverage cutting-edge AI to create significant impact, striving to create both business growth and human benefit. In Mudita Ventures, we found a partner whose values align perfectly with ours: their unique focus as a human-centered VC could not be a better fit!

We’ve found Mudita essential to our growth, providing not just capital, but connection to a broad network of business and thought leaders to help us think beyond the conventional, and to innovate boldly with AI to solve real problems. For any forward-thinking founders with goals beyond only profit, Mudita Ventures should be top of the VC list!

Trent Gillespie
Chief Executive Officer, Stellis.AI

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