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The simplest video platform for creating visual communication.


Screencastify's mission is simple and unwavering–inspiration through creation. We build the simplest way to create more effective video communication. Our platform gives users everything they need to record, refine, share, and assess video for work, education, or personal creations.


Founded 2013
Partnered 2022


Vishal Shah, CEO
Alex Stepien, CRO & President
Paul Ray, CTO

Mudita Partner(s)

"...the frontrunner in digitizing a non-digital space."

I love investing in trends and teams at the forefront of digitizing a non-digital space. That’s what drew us to Screencastify. They were an early software tool ingrained into the mostly non-digital space of a K-12 classroom. Fast forward to today, Screencastify has over 12M users and a team driven to revolutionizing the world of video-powered visual communication.

Ethan Linkner
Managing Partner, Mudita Venture Partners

"...helped me be the CEO I can be."

Working with the Mudita team, and in particular, Ethan Linkner, is like having a cheat code in a video game.

While he officially has a board of directors title, he’s been more of an extension of my executive team when I’ve needed him most. The Mudita team has helped place key talent, validated and prioritized each department’s goals and roadmap, and helped hold me accountable for being the CEO I can be. Whether I need to share good or bad news, I know they are available to coach, lead, or just listen. I am so glad we have them in our corner.

Vishal Shah
CEO, Screencastify

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Improving District-Wide Communication Through Video at JCPS

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